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  • Optimize our university curricula system: an interpretation framework of multi-domain coupling
  • From Qualified Teacher to Competent Teacher — On the System of Statutory Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers in England
  • On the construction of normal education with Chinese characteristics in the view of educational confidence: based upon reflections on 120 years’ development of normal education
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The school of teacher education has high quality faculty. There are 42 staff members, among whom 65% are professors or associate
professors and above 80% have a doctor degree or master degree.
In the past 5 years, there are 280 articles published the
international and domestic journals, in which 125 articles was cited by CSSCI, 10 full-text article were reprinted and 6 articles' viewpoints
 were reprinted by
Xinhua Digest; 56 articles' text were reproduced by Information Center for social sciences. besides, 36 Monographs
 and textbooks were published.
Our faculty has also got eleven Outstanding achievement awards, including Jiangsu Province Higher
 Education Research Award for outstanding and seven Zhenjiang Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award etc.

Name Title Research direction Contact information More Details
Jinyan Huang Professor Educational Measurement and Research Methodology huangniagara@163.com Profile
Xinchao Li Associate Professor Chinese Higher Education; Curriculum and Instruction; Education Administration and Policy Study charlesplum@mail.ujs.edu.cn Profile
Wang Jiajia Professor Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Policy,Teacher Education wangj126@126.com Profile
Chen Quan Professor High Education,Educational Assessment and Method chenquan@ujs.edu.cn Profile
Wang Bao-xi Associate Professor Higher Comparative Education, Higher Education Management wbx@ujs.edu.cn Profile
Lyu Shouwei Associate Professor Philosophy of Education, Educational Ethics, Moral Education, Issues of Equality and Justice, Inclus lvshouwei@163.com Profile
Chai Nan Associate Professor Teaching theory, Teaching ethics, Learning chainan0502@126.com Profile
Quan Shoujie Associate Professor Higher Education Management; Curriculum and Pedagogy shougx@163.com Profile