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  The School of Teacher Education has achieved rapid development in professional research and teaching research. In the past 5 years, there are 290 articles published in the international and domestic magazines, in which 125 articles was cited by CSSCI,10 article’ text was reprinted and 6 articles’ viewpoints were reprinted by Xinhua Digest, and 32 articles’ text were reproduced by Information Center for social sciences. Besides, 35 academic monographs and textbooks were published. The research projects conducted by our faculties include 3 National Educational Science Planning programs,5 Chinese Association of Higher Education Planning issues, 3 Social Science programs of Department of Education, 5 Jiangsu Association of Higher Education Planning issues, 5 Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences key projects, 8 Jiangsu Educational Science Planning programs, 12 Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science projects. We have got 11 Outstanding Achievement Awards, including Jiangsu Province Higher Education Research Award for outstanding achievements and Zhenjiang Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award etc.

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