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Research Institute for Educational Assessment and Research Methodology


The Research Institute for Educational Assessment and Research Methodology (RIEARM) is an educational research organization located at Jiangsu University in the School of Teacher Education. RIEARM strengthens and advances research in educational assessment theory and practice; it enhances and promotes research methodology application and innovation.



The mission of RIEARM is to a) conduct evidence-based empirical research and propose implications for educational professionals and organizations; b) prepare graduates for positions as assessment specialists, testing and evaluation experts, research scientists, and university faculty; c) provide faculty, students, and research professionals with resources and services through research projects, research conferences, and training workshops.

The Research Ethical Review Board

Chairperson: Dr. Jinyan Huang

Board Members: Drs. Quan Chen, Cui Kang, Zhaohui Cai, Meng Shi, Yuanyuan Shi, Canjing Ma

Application Forms: Research Ethical Review Application Form.doc   Research Ethical Review Application Form.pdf


Dr. Jinyan Huang  Professor 



Director, Research Institute for Educational Assessment and Research Methodology
Earned a Ph.D. in educational measurement and research methodology from Queen’s
University in Canada

Previously held a tenured full professorship at Niagara University in the United States

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of TESOL and Learning

Founding Editor, Leadership and Policy Quarterly, Language and Communication

SSCI Journal Reviewer, Assessing Writing, TESOL Quarterly, Modern Language
, and Language Assessment Quarterly

Completed over 20 funded research projected in Canada, the United States, and China

Published 16 books and 66 SSCI and other international journal articles

Successfully supervised 20 Ph.D. dissertations in the United States

 CV_Jinyan Huang.pdf

  • Dr. Quan Chen

    • Associate Dean, School of Teacher Education

    • Awarded High-Level Talent of “Six Talent Peaks Project in Jiangsu Province”

    • Associate Editor, China-US Education

    • CSSCI Journal Reviewer, Journal of Jiangsu University (Social Science Edition), Journal of University of Science
      and Technology of China
      , and
      Modern Finance and Economics – Journal of Tianjin University of Finance and

    • Published 2 books and over 40 CSSCI and other core journal articles

    • Led and completed over 10 provincial and national funded research projects



  • Dr. Cui Kang

    • Chair, Department of Educational Technology, School of Teacher Education

    • Reviewer, China-US Education

    • Published and co-published 6 books and 5 SSCI and CSSCI journal articles

    • Completed several university, provincial, and national funded research projects

Full CV


  • Dr. Zhaohui Cai

    • Associate Dean, School of Overseas Education

    • Visiting scholar, The University of Manchester in United Kingdom

    • Published and co-published 2 books and several journal articles

    • Completed several university and provincial funded research projects

    • Won 2  provincial Achievement Awards in educational science

    • “Excellent Teacher” of Jiangsu University

    Full CV


    Graduate Program


    The graduate program in Educational Assessment and Research Methodology (EARM) emphasize diverse perspectives in these core areas:

    • Educational Assessment — classroom assessment, construction and validation of measurement tools, construction and use of standardized tests, cross-cultural assessment, curriculum evaluation, program evaluation, item response theory, generalizability theory

    • Research Methodology — research and statistics, univariate statistics, multivariate statistics, factor analysis and structural equation modeling, hierarchical linear modeling, meta-analysis, geographical information system and data visualization, qualitative approaches


    We prepare graduate students for positions as assessment specialists, testing and evaluation experts, research methodological specialists, research scientists, and university faculty. The graduate program in EARM emphasizes advanced research as applied to educational, psychological, leadership and policy, health, and social contexts.


    Post-doctoral Program


    The post-doctoral program is a three-year program designed for overseas candidates who hold a doctoral degree in social sciences including education, management, health, and leadership and policy. The candidates will receive training in assessment and measurement, as well as research methodologies and conduct research projects under the supervision of Dr. Jinyan Huang, Professor and Director of RIEARM at the School of Teacher Education.


    Please contact Dr. Jinyan Huang if you have any questions about our EARM graduate program and the post-doctoral program.


    Tel: 18670312557   Email:




    附件【CV_Jinyan Huang.pdf
    附件【Research Ethical Review Application Form.doc
    附件【Research Ethical Review Application Form.pdf