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Wang Jiajia




Research direction:Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Policy,Teacher Education



2013.8--2014.8,  University of California at Berkeley,     Berkeley,CA, USA.  Visiting Scholar in Law School    
2007.9--2010.7,  East China Normal University,     Shanghai, China.  Ph. D in Basic Principles of Education    
2005.9--2007.7,  East China Normal University,     Shanghai, China.  M.A. in Basic Principles of Education    
2001.9--2005.7,  Air defense Command Academy,     Zhengzhou, China.  B.A. in English    

Basic Principles of Education; Sociology of Education; Moral Education;  Curriculum Reform in Western Countries

Research project:
2015.10--2018.12 Research on the Monitor and Control Mechanism of Parents’ Opinion from the Perspective of Building Qualified and Balanced Compulsory Education, Social Sciences Program of Jiangsu Province    
2015.8--2017.3 Research on the Monitor Mechanism of Postgraduate Teaching Quality, Research Program Funded by Chinese Society of Academy Degrees and Graduate Education    
2013.12--2016.5 Research on Educational Research Funding System in the United States, Jiangsu Provincial Educational Science Planning Programs    
2013.6--2015.12 Research on Various Teaching Evaluation Institutions of Higher Education , Jiangsu University Education and Teaching Research Programs    
2011.9--2014.12 Research on Homeschooling Movement in Western Countries, Social Sciences Program of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China    
2011.12—2012.12 Research on Homeschooling Movement in Western Countries and its Implications for the Development of Preprimary Education in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Educational Science Planning Programs2011.6—2013.12 Research on public’s Opinion towards College Admission Test, Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science projects.    

Wang, Jiajia. (2017). Education Away From School: Research on Homeschooling in Western Countries. Shanghai: Shanghai Educational Publishing House

Wang, Jiajia. (2011). Read Froebels Literatures with Teachers. Beijing: China Youth Press

Ju, Yucui & Wang, Jiajia. (2009). Management of High School Crisis. Beijing: China Light Industry Press

Translated Books:
Coons, John E., Sugarman, Stephen D. (20
18). Education by Choice: The Case for Family Control. Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press (Trans. for 7 chapters)

Lemov, Doug. (2013). Teach Like a Champion. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press (Trans. for the whole book)

Peterson, Poul E. (2012). The Future of School Choice. Beijing: Educational Science Public House (Trans. for 5 chapters)

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Fan, Guorui & Liu, Tao &Wang, Jiajia. (2009). Public School in the Publics Eyes Phi/Delta Kappa Gallup Poll of the Publics Attitudes Toward the Public Schools (1969- 2007). Beijing: Educational Science Public House (Trans. for 5 years’ report)

Darling-Hammond, Linda. (2009). Powerful Teacher Education: Lessons from Exemplary Programs. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press (Trans. for 4 chapters)

Journal Articles  

Wang, Bin, Wang,Jiajia. (2018). Problem Analysis on Function Orientation of Parent Committee in Primary and Secondary Schools. Teaching & Administration, 15: 21-23.

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Part time and honors:
Achievement Award: