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Education of Graduate Students

In 2005, the School of Teacher Education was granted to award master's degree with the major of higher education, and it has 20 Master tutors now. In 2010, we were granted to award master's degree in the major of education. Now we have 17 Master Instructors and 40 graduate students. Graduate students training adheres to both self and school pays attention to their spirit and character, at the same time to improve the ability of post-graduate research, in order to develop a strong sense of academic, research capacity and quality of comprehensive research-based, academic talent. Following the steadily building of education to grant master's degree as a first subject, the graduate enrollment and the number of admissions are increasing yearly, besides, the quality of training is gradually increasing as well.

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Higher Education

In 2005, School of Teacher Education was granted to award master's degree with the major of higher education, and it has 17 Master Instructors now. According to the practical needs of higher education reform and development and the overall arrangement of Jiangsu University “12th Five Years Plan”, the main directions of disciplinary development is “Emphasis on basic, Enhanced content, Make features ”. There’re four research directions of higher education, include Higher Education Principles, Higher Education Management, Higher Engineering Education, Moral Education and Psychological Education of higher education.
1. Principles of Higher Education
It is the direction of higher education basic research. It researches the Idea of University, School system, Investment system, Development Strategy and so on, what’s more, it formed a “major development combined with comprehensive development” characteristics in region and school-based.
2. Higher Education Management
It draws on the Economic theory and Management theory, as the starting point for Institutional Research, and researches School system, Investment system, Development Strategy and so on. It actively explores the construction of the university system and the operational mechanism of the optimization which adapts to the socialist political civilization and market economy.
3. Higher Education of Engineering
It gives full play of our school’s advantages that makes higher engineering education as the main and characteristics, explores ways to train students’ engineering capability and innovative capability, promote school’ reform and innovation in higher engineering education, and train more high-quality talent for the strategy to implement the new industrialization and the building of innovative nation.
4. Moral Education and Psychological Education of Higher Education
It on the basis of the students’ ideological and moral characteristics besides the mental and physical development characteristics to explore effective ways and means which promote the comprehensive development of students, of course, it can strengthen the ideological and moral cultivation and mental health awareness, improve the ideological and political consciousness and self-psychological adjustment, eventually, the students will become self-growth type of talent.

In 2007, school enrolled 12 higher education graduate students firstly. In 2008, school enrolled 11 higher education graduate students. In 2009, school enrolled 14 higher education graduate students. In 2010, school enrolled 11 higher education graduate students. On December 2009, the first batch of graduate students graduated and received a master’s degree of education.
The grade 2007 graduate student NING Shang-jie won the second “moving Jiangsu University man” for participating in the Wenchuan earthquake aid work.
The grade 2009 graduate student of higher education WU Liwon the seventh “Top Ten young students of Jiangsu University”.
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Principles of Education

It is the direction of education as a first subject basic research and mainly researches the most general and basic educational theoretical issues to explore the general principles and the general rules in education, provide basic theoretical and methodological support for the deep reform of educational practice and educational theory. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive research for the development of educational theory and educational reform, provide a theoretical basis for the research of education at all levels. The Education Principles has three directions which are the basic theory of Education, Moral Education Principles, and Teacher Education.
1. Basic Principles of Education
It mainly explores some basic theoretical issues of the principles of education, such as the disciplinary development of education, the nature and function of education, education system and education development, the theory and practice of the basic education reform.
2. Moral Education Principles
It mainly researches the basic theoretical issues of moral education, the effective enhance of moral education, the construction of moral education model, moral education methodology.
3. Teacher Education
It concerns about the practical problems or hot issues of teacher education, and focus on combining theoretical analysis with empirical research. Also, it researches the setting of teacher education curriculum and post-training mode, teacher professionalism, the professional development of teachers etc, and improves the practicality and applicability of research.
Research and Achievements
In recent five years, our school research team carries out research actively about educational theory and practice, such as the theory and practice of moral education, the theory and practice of education management. We have three research directions which are the basic theory of Education, Moral Education Principles, Teacher Education, and we have made a series of research results and had a good impact, some of which were Texts reproduced by secondary literature includes Xinhua Digest.

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Curriculum and Instructional Theory

It mainly researches the integration of philosophy and practice about curriculum and teaching, through summarize and study the development of education scientific understanding and the value of education to explore in a recent century, and gradually establish the general idea of the integration of research and teaching, to provide the latest theoretical reference and operational practices for curriculum teaching. According to my school’ existing situation, we prepare to set two research directions which include Curriculum theory and Teaching methodology, then, we will make specific Curriculum theory and Teaching methodology.
1. Curriculum theory research
In general, it can be categorized or organized into five series, includes the basic principles of curriculum, the generation and implementation of curriculum, the different types of curriculum, curriculum history, the different levels of curriculum etc.
2. Instructional Theory
It always includes teaching principle, instructional design and teaching techniques, foreign teaching theory, curriculum and teaching reform, Chinese teaching history, foreign teaching history, modern teaching theory etc.

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