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    We Have a good quality, high level of teachers, of the existing staff of 38 people, professors, associate professors and other senior titles accounted for 60%, with a doctorate, master degree teachers accounted for 80% of the staff. In the past five years every aspect to the project to account funds over one million yuan, 27 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, the cumulative been provincial and ministerial level awards 9, the cumulative: the CSSCI,55, accumulated published book 15.

    Now we'd like to introduce one of the very enterprising faculties to you: Wang Jiajia, associate professor, master supervisor.

Name : Wang Jiajia
Department : Department of Education
Job Title : Associate Professor

Teacher Qualification : Master supervisor

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Education Experience:

2013.8--2014.8      University of California at Berkeley          Berkeley,CA, USAVisiting Scholar in Law School

2007.9--2010.7      East China Normal University                Shanghai, China,  Ph. D in Basic Principles of Education

2005.9--2007.7      East China Normal University                Shanghai, China, M.A. in Basic Principles of Education

2001.9--2005.7      Air defense Command Academy             Zhengzhou, China, B.A. in English

Research InterestsPhilosophy of EducationSociology of EducationEducational Policy,Teacher Education


2015   Outstanding Party MemberJiangsu University

2012   Outstanding TeacherJiangsu University

2012   Backbone Young TeacherJiangsu University

2009   Baosteel Outstanding Student Scholarship, Baosteel Education Foundation

2009   Outstanding Student, East China Normal University

2008   Outstanding Student Cadre, Shanghai Board of Education

2008   Outstanding Student Cadre, East China Normal University

2006   Outstanding Student Scholarship, East China Normal University

Courses Taught

Basic Principles of EducationSociology of EducationMoral Education

Curriculum Reform in Western Countries;Economics of Education

Research Projects (director)

2015.10--2018.12   Research on the Monitor and Control Mechanism of Parents’ Opinion from the Perspective of Building Qualified and Balanced Compulsory Education,  Social Sciences Program of Jiangsu Province

2015.8--2017.3   Research on the Monitor Mechanism of Postgraduate Teaching Quality, Research Program Funded by Chinese Society of Academy Degrees and Graduate Education

2013.12--2016.5   Research on Educational Research Funding System in the United States,  Jiangsu Provincial Educational Science Planning Programs

2013.6--2015.12   Research on Various Teaching Evaluation Institutions of Higher Education , Jiangsu University Education and Teaching Research Programs

2011.9--2014.12   Research on Homeschooling Movement in Western Countries, Social Sciences Program of Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China

2011.12—2012.12  Research on Homeschooling Movement in Western Countries and its Implications for the Development of Preprimary Education in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Educational Science Planning Programs

2011.62013.12  Research on publics Opinion towards College Admission Test, Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science projects.



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Journal Articles

Wang,Jiajia(2016). Market Orientation for the Development of Education as a Discipline. Theory and Practice of Education36(13): 7-13.

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